Goodyear Tires – Vintage Stock Cars

//Goodyear Tires – Vintage Stock Cars

Goodyear Tires – Vintage Stock Cars

GoodYear Tires

This article is brought to us by our friend and fellow racer John Orzechowski who has for many years been a great resource and advisory for our stock car racers through his website.


One of the ongoing expenses in racing Vintage Stock Cars is tires… Over the years we have had to beg borrow and steal to find a good set… Then came Hoosier with the HSC tires, but still these are $303/tire… We once again have access to affordable used tires!!

$80 Per Tire

Contact Jeff Hinkle at 770-605-4760

These tires are the real deal, D4590…that is Right Side Martinsville and All the Way around for the Road Courses. They all have date code 0313 or 0413, and they are from the Sonoma Race in June of 2013.   $80 each.

If you are in the Frederick, MD area feel to stop by and check them out…

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