Drivers Go Fast Kit

//Drivers Go Fast Kit

Drivers Go Fast Kit

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7 Time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher Getting Seat Time at a Karting Event.


What’s in there anyway?

Contrary to what most of us imagine, it’s not a bigger motor, better brakes, lighter car or stickier tires. These are parts from the “Car Go Fast Kit” but usually these are the first things that we spend money and time on. Of course a superior car has an advantage but it still won’t win races without the “Go Fast Driver”

There are three important things in the “Drivers Go Fast Kit”

#1 Seat time

#2 Seat time

#3 Seat time

I’m not trying to be cute, I’m trying make a point!

Ask the worst drivers that you know how much time they spend on track, the answer’s very predictable.

Don’t be that guy!

Whenever we put ourselves in a race car of ANY kind, our hand-eye coordination, reaction time, repeatability and overall racing skill set improves and nothing else can replace this simple fact!

All seat time counts (except our street cars). Open track or club days, driving schools, local go kart tracks and even driving simulators (not video games) are helpful.

Many tracks offer membership programs that allow lapping in the car of your choice. Check out VIR’s club if it’s convenient to your location. Here’s a link:

Most pros started off with raw talent that was polished by spending lots of time in a race car and that didn’t change once they became pros. During the off-season you’ll find the worlds best drivers are still getting seat time!

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