Left Foot Braking: A Big Step in the Right Direction

//Left Foot Braking: A Big Step in the Right Direction

Left Foot Braking: A Big Step in the Right Direction

This video is a perfect example of how left foot braking is essential for front of the pack lap times.

Kevin Harvick is one of the best in the business when it comes to road racing. Unlike Max Pappis in the “clutchless shifting” video Kevin never uses the clutch or the heel/toe technique, as I mentioned in that discussion, it’s a preference that only SOME drivers still utilize.

The idea with both of these techniques though is to minimize fidgeting around in the cockpit unnecessarily, it costs time that you can definitely see on the stopwatch, we’re talking seconds here not just tenths!

Because the pros drive this way, most teams are building their new race cars with the clutch moved to the extreme left and the brake pedal centered in the space remaining so there’s no interference between left foot braking and throttle.

“Old habits are hard to Break”

Every day most of us exercise right foot braking driving in our daily transportation, so it feels very foreign when we begin to use our left foot instead, luckily we can practice “left footin it” in our street cars so that when we get in a race car it won’t be completely alien. Don’t discount the effectiveness of this practice because of its simplicity. Muscles must be built and precise leg/eye coordination must be established so that when it’s time to go for the brakes your left foot knows it before your brain does!

Your lap times may not reflect it in the first,second or even third race but they are guaranteed to fall as you master this technique. It’s one of the required components in “a drivers go fast kit”!

Good luck, see you at the track!

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